Business Transformation and Global Expansion

Facilitating business growth worldwide through expertise in business organization, international development, market research, import & export and industry-leading products.

IBD industries is a consulting company that provides international business development services worldwide. The company relies on more than 30 years of international experience in the construction, tool and metal industries.

At IBD industries, we are dedicated to empowering businesses by offering comprehensive services in corporate organization, international business development, and market research. With a global perspective, we aim to foster collaboration and facilitate international trade, while providing valuable insights and solutions in strategic procurement, technical sales and marketing.

Our commitment to seamless operations is reflected in our expertise in sales and operations planning, supply chain management, and international logistics. By efficiently managing projects and resources, we deliver successful outcomes.

IBD industries specializes in serving the construction industry, offering a recognized expertise in building products including diamond tools, cutting tools, hand tools, machines, and accessories. Additionally, we are experienced in metallurgical solutions encompassing metal powders, non-ferrous metals, and metal recycling services.

With a people-centric approach, we value the contributions of our team members and strive to create a collaborative environment that fosters growth and innovation. Trust IBD industries as your strategic partner, enabling your business to thrive in an ever-changing global market.

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